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If you’re not already a mad fan of RMS Beauty– then I’ll let you in on my secret.  The organic cosmetic brand which is still in its infancy, was developed by a makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift who experienced an urgent personal need for beauty products without harmful chemicals or untested ingredients. Her quest led her to create products which are foolproof and failsafe and benefit all of us.

With colors that are successful on most any skin tone (they make you look fresh and alive!!), consistency thats makes application easy as finger painting (need I say more?), packaging that’s user friendly & recyclable (yes please), and above all, ingredients deemed 100% SAFE, I’m having a hard time going back to the the egregious cosmetic counters. Check out Beauty Truth for more info, the more you read the more you’ll be hooked.

I started with the gift set (completely customizable) which gave me a sampling of the key products, then added from there like an addict. I’m afraid the whole collection redsides now scattered amongst my bags, drawers and cabinets.

The little pots of color are cream based– beyond simple to apply.  They blend into the skin with a few dabs and pats.  Frankly it’s tough to mess up.

RMS main photo

Need more enticement?  A new batch of shades was just introduced!


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