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Swim team- it all started when my best friend Heidi co-erced me into joining a summer swim team in somewhere around 10th grade. I hated swimming–was mediocre at it. But it was something to show up for, we could hang out together, and cute boys were involved.

What I DID like about swim team was the gear. A Speedo one-piece took some work to get right (P.S. not flattering. ever.) And then: the pool sandal, or SLIDE.  They looked kinda cool and were easy to wear –functional, brand name…it worked for me.

Next, I suppose I had the confidence to wear the SLIDE when they became “fashionable” in the mid 90’s. I went straight for the Adidas with the bumps on the footbed- comfort with style have always resonated.

In a position of product development- I quickly put a sketch of a “fashion” slide into work under the guise of ROXY – circa mid 90s’…. and wore the prototype to destruction… (photo included)

Cut to 2013- Celine gets an earful of SH*t with her fur lined shower shoe (AKA SLIDE) and I’m first in line to plunk down a wad of cash for the fancy pair. It doesn’t stop.

Isabel has to top the game with the IT SHOE of the Spring ’14 season…. And my dear old swim team friend has again taken top billing in the footwear department.

When will it stop?  There are others, but I’m closing my eyes.

Please join me in welcoming the newest addition to my ever expanding shower shoe collection. Isabel Marant HOLDEN Slides


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