Nêt-à-Porter  translates to… “Net-to-Go”  Hee!

I’ve been seeing these fisherman’s net bags around –suddenly,  I have a small collection!

Love these open weave bags for evening (à la goldie on the right), or day trips to the beach.

Keep the contents large and simple,  else they shan’t be found!

’tis better way to travel anyhow, no?

left to right;  natural bag was bag w/purchase at FLANNEL shop on Abbot Kinney in Venice, Grey and Navy bags were finds at Vinçon in Barcelona (sorry!) and goldie was a vintage find in Brooklyn 3 years ago (sorry again)

Check these sources for your own…etsy,  hmm.  or just google fishnet bags- and noodle around to see what you can find!


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