My friend Maria hit me up last week to put together a fall wardrobe for her on a b-u-d-g-e-t.

Maria lives in Laguna and works at Quiksilver Headquarters in Huntington — heading sales for Roxy & Co, so her life is beach-centric, professional on the casual side.  Her style, less than conventional.

She needs options for office, meetings, coffee w/ friends, date night and errands. Figuring we all live like this to some degree- I wanted to share our fun.

I started at Zara- which offered some solid options at the outset – then filled in with some items from ShopBop and favorite boutiques around town. Most items were purchased online- limiting the run-around time and energy, an making returns a slam dunk.

I did make a trip to Zara just to check on the quality and hand feel of my choices, because they make the stuff look like a million bucks in their photography. Low and behold, I was really impressed!!

So, for what some spend on a new bag alone- we got her outfitted with some fresh seasonal pieces that provide a slew of options.

This week we’ll surprise and delight you with Maria Style, 15 looks in total/ 3 a day till we’re done.

Get ready for this long-legged-goofball beauty to knock your socks off and inspire you to get busy on your own fall looks!


Look ONE  $306:  Sweatshirt $192- CLU;  Pant – Zara $59- ;  shoe- Vans Grindle  $55-

Look TWO  $415: Jeans- GAP (Maria’s own); Stripe Shirt $90- Save Khaki Men’s  OR  $60 –Zara;  Plaid Shirt Jack $80 – Zara ;   Shoe $245 – j.crew black pump 

Look THREE   $374: Sweatshirt $84- Daftbird ;  Stripe shirt $90- Save Khaki Men’s  OR  $60 Zara;  Skirt $80 Zara (sold out/try back in a few days or  try BCBG;  Sandal $120- Birkenstock

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