I went hiking with a friend outside of Aspen a few years ago – and she plopped on this amazing hat before we started up the mountain.  I was struck by is chic-ness, quality and supreme functionality,  so of course I asked where did you get that hat?

Meet Claudia!  Claudia Cunningham is passionate about her CLOUD COVER hats and the process involved.  She starts with the finest rice paper from Japan- sends it off to a Shanghai village to be woven into basic forms, then ferries them back to her studio in Aspen.

Next, the hats are hand-dyed via custom vegetable/floral tinctures, hand blocked, steamed with essential oils of Italian Bergamot and Lemon…  then dried in the sun. I’m in love already.

Finally- the hats are sent out to a group of ranch wives and Mennonite girls in the Paonia Valley of Colorado for hand finish. They are embellished with leather, beads, stitches and *stones (*another story–for another time)

Each hat is a monumental work of art- extraordinarily durable and maleable- the perfect packer that gets better with use. The best summer hat out there.

Please support Claudia and her noble process – find a Hat!!

try here: H20 Aspen ;  Fred Segal Hats (310) 393-2216;  Duck&weave 631-899-4290; CLOUD COVER

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