My heart skipped a beat when I saw these Jutta Neumann (pronounced yoo-tah noyman) in the NYT style section a few weeks ago- so I scrambled to hunt a fresh pair down.  Found these lovelies- just in time, the stock was getting low!!   AR x Jutta Neumann

A friend of mine during the Roxy years discovered Jutta in NYC-and turned me onto them.

Jutta immigrated from Europe in the 80’s, and set up shop in the East Village during the mid 90’s.

Since, she’s been making a small assortment of classic styles, all by hand, in her workshop. The soles are multi layers of hand cut leather shapes with an insane arch that not only supports but looks artful- next, add the tiny metal brads that line the perimeter to hold all the layers together- you have a shoe crafted to last a lifetime.

I still have my 1st Jutta Neumann sandals tucked away, wanna see?


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