Not a typo… the grey one is the sh #%.

I’ve been stuck on sweatshirts my whole life.  Maybe from being in the fashion industry… they’ve offerd a comfortable “timeout” on the getting dressed side of things.
My favorites are vintage little boy versions, cropped raglans, and lighter weight slouchy ones, short sleeves… I’m not picky. The stack in my closet proves it.
The beauty of a sweatshirt is that it can be dressed up, layered (under & over), thrown on, and even used to dry the car, no worse for wear.
It’s the perfect seasonless –hi/low item.

Are you on board yet?


The best part is that while looking to pull images for the story– I found call-outs for these classics from over the past umpteen years, guaranteed to be in the news for many more to come.
There’s a lot of talk this season about THE EMBELLISHED sweatshirt but I’m a purist and if I want embellishment– I’ll add a string of pearls.

Here are some that might do the trick;


1) 3.1 Philip Lim  2) Topshop  3) La Garçonne  4) Alternative  5) R13 6) Madewell  7) Etsy  8) Helmut Lang

P.S Steven Alan has a good one too- Steven Alan

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