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Consider me late (ok, very.) to the convo on the “activity tracker”…  I just couldn’t get my head around the way they looked. I.e. ugly.  But, progress is being made on the aesthetic front so let’s talk about that.

The Jawbone 3 /4 UP (designed by Yves Behar)  has been my friend for the past 6 months, it’s a very presentable addition to the collection of metals already co-mingling on my wrist.

Wearing it gives me the mental re-think to take the stairs or to park in the furthest spot in the lot…  I’ll even sneak in a late night walk to get my count up.  I especially LOVE the sleep monitor,  it details your night via the 4 phases of sleep; light, deep, REM, and even those pesky wake ups!

Alas, Yves, there is an even better looking device out; the MIRA.  Designed for the elite of style-minded users, this modern piece has an interchangeable wrist “cuff”  offered in a variety of finishes, (think ROSE GOLD!) into which you pop a dark, oval  “gem-styled” monitor that keeps you in-the-know.  Downside; it’s limited to reading only steps and calories, no heart rate, sleep or fitness suggestion. But hey, it looks awesome! 

Never to be a hardcore user of this tech genre, I do find it engaging to track my daily movement. It’s a small thrill when I’ve eeeeked past my goal and a kick in the ass when I haven’t.


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